About me

I’m tough and ridiculously sensitive all at once.

I grow bored quite easily.

I’m an ex Muslim and no I won’t shut up about it.

I love all things beautiful and am fascinated by creation.

I’m a knowledge junkie and may just as easily be reading about theoretical physics as Emily Dickinson.

 I’m obsessed with Ani Difranco.


12 responses to “About me

  1. h

    hi i read a blog by unsettled soul, where she described abuse, and she commented on somethings i said. i thought id go read it again later, but i since have seen the site is down. if you have a copy of that blog, could you send it to me? my email is husain.sattar@gmail.com. alternatively, if you are in contact with her, could you please tell her to email me that info? its urgent. thanks

  2. michelle Cochran

    Hey, i’m looking for you entry ” bad day.” where you went to best buy to get the tripod I have a friend that wants to read it.

  3. e

    Hi Stephanie, I just discovered your blog the other day. After perusing through some of your posts, I just had to write to say how much I appreciate what I’m reading. Having left Islam myself, I’ve been hard pressed to find ex-Muslims who aren’t full of hatred and spite for their former religion. While a certain amount of anger is understandable, I could never tolerate the psychotic bashing you see all over the internet. So I want to thank you for not only having the courage to put your thoughts and opinions out there, but for doing so in such a decent and balanced way. Definitely a breathe of fresh air and helps me to feel a little less alone!

  4. admirer

    You are truly a gift to the world. Sorry you have to carry that burden, but thanks for doing it so courageously, joyfully, and generously.

  5. Helene

    I don’t especially care for the music of Ani Difranco, but, having read your bio, must I resist telling you that I knew Ani when she was still in diapers? I cannot resist, because I have no such strength of character. Here’s a miscellaneous doodad; she has purple colored stuff in her bathroom that Prince gave her. The house is a rehabbed church in Buffalo, that I think she is now selling, or has aleady sold. (Somber let down from an excursion into the weirdness that is Prince, whose music I don’t care for either….)

    • Ha! That’s wild. Never knew she was a Prince fan, or at least friendly enough with him to have his gifts in her bathroom. Yeah, from what I’ve read she’s put down roots in New Orleans now.

      No Prince, no Ani? You must reconsider!:)

  6. almostclever

    Oh how I miss thee….

  7. I don’t know you and you don’t know me … but we think like we were twins (the fact that I’m a dude kind of ruins the figure of speech – I would have said identical twins). You should send me your email address so that we can start a conversation about new Islamic interpretative projects.

  8. M

    Hi! I just came across this blog while googling “I left Islam but I love it” (Islam, I mean, not that I love apostasy). Thank you so much for writing this. I felt so alone and couldn’t stop crying and your words reflect my own feelings right now. Break up with religion, identity crisis (never thought I’d have one of those!), some nice things like feeling wind in my hair (although the ears are a bit chilly! LOL I was just thinking that yesterday haha), but mostly just depressingness. Thank you thank you thank you! 🙂 I hope you see this comment and it brightens up your day like your blog has brightened up mine. 🙂

  9. Hi, Miss Stephanie. I’ve been trying to find you. I was wondering how you are doing and how your son is. I miss your perspective and hearing about your life & your awesome kiddos. I hope you are well. I rarely go to babycenter anymore.
    Blessings to you on your journey!

    • WoW Tara! Long time no “see”. Great to hear from you and I see you’re trying to adopt another little one. So awesome…My baby boy is doing much better and making some good progress, especially in the last year.
      I’m always thinking I want to get back to blogging but I am so busy right now; just started a new job and going to grad school. It’s both exhausting and exciting at the same time. Thanks for stopping by and I’ll be sure to follow you on your exciting adoption journey ❤

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