Happy Eostre!

I suppose as a disbeliever I could view Easter as a time of renewal and rebirth, but instead I just can’t help think about the mass delusion that religion brings to ordinary and rational people. Not to mention, the majority of  people out hiding Easter eggs and attending early church services, the ones posting weird shit on facebook about how he is risen and his blood cleanses us all and god killed his son to save us sinners (you know what I’m talking about), have no idea where this holiday really comes from. So for those of you who’d rather read a book or gain some type of useful, reality based knowledge on this gorgeous Sunday morning, here’s a little Wiki about the Anglo-Saxon goddess, Eostre!



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4 responses to “Happy Eostre!

  1. Looking forward to reading the post! And I know EXACTLY which comments you are talking about…. I decided to be kind and not comment ‘BS’ on every single one I saw. Here’s my “Easter” post – on the contradictions in the NT concerning Easter: http://beckyskaleidoscope.blogspot.com/2012/04/easter-contradictions.html

  2. Hope you are enjoying a lovely day!

  3. Mike

    I’ve studied the origins of Easter,it seems to go back to the first world religion in Babylon, sun god worship and from there the various Easter goddesses came to be in other cultures. The Story began: An egg dropped into the Euphrates River, the goddess hatched out and turned a bird into an egg-laying rabbit to prove she was a goddess. This was associated with spring and new life. Later in another culture, the first day of spring, the sacrifices started, excuse me for being graphic, but the priest from the sun god religion would impregnate virgins on the alter that day, those babies who were 3 months old were sacrificed to the sun god and their blood was used to dye eggs. Now to this day at least one orthodox church in the middle east places blood red eggs on their alter on Easter Sunday and not one member knows why! When the sun god worshipers were driven out because of this discussing practice, animal sacrifices of bulls, lambs and oxen were prevalent. So the whole world system of animal sacrifice was to be removed by God in one final sacrifice of himself. So that is simple, no more sacrifices, God is satisfied with his own. But the customs and celebrations remained. This last sacrifice was during the Jewish celebration of Passover, but Roman emperors later ordered that no Jewish holidays were to be celebrated and by then the church was also made up on many non-Jews but they then had no festivals. So instead they celebrated on the appalling pagan Easter festival day and made it their own Christian celebration of final sacrifice and resurrection to life but few have any clue of the secular aspects of Easter bunny and these sorts of things.

    So that is a simple version of how two messages became mixed together to this day: the first was sacrifice your children to the Babylonian sun god and you will prosper and the second was God made the final sacrifice and then raised the sacrifice to life, so more sacrifices!

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