What’s on Your Ipod?

No playlist on my Ipod would be complete without my beloved Ani Difranco. Wikipedia calls her a “feminist icon”. I don’t know about that. I just know she kicks ass. 

This next one isn’t much of a video but the harmonies are excrutiatingly beautiful. And her voice. There must be a God. This just makes me swoon. If this is wrong, I don’t want to be right. I recently heard about this duo on NPR and I’m in love. A Leonard Cohen cover:

For a complete 180…Old skool hip hop yo…

My all time favorite Tribe jam:

Hell yeah.

I like Kate Nash. Cute, funny, bitchy and all with a charming English accent. Anyone ever involved in a dysfunctional relationship (or any realtionship for that matter) will get this song.

I’ve been listening to Death Cab for Cutie alot lately. I couldn’t decide which of these two songs to post, so I decided both.

Sweet, dark and nihilistic. Just how I like my love songs.

“Love is watching someone die”

I often see people die at my job. It’s one of the most devastating and beautiful things one can witness. I dread when I have to stand witness to the death of someone I love deeply.

So, pray tell, what’s on your ipod, or in the cd player, or tape deck, or on the record player, or in the 8 track?



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17 responses to “What’s on Your Ipod?

  1. I loooove Ani DiFranco! One of my favourites by her is Not A Pretty Girl.

  2. Midnightmama

    Jewel. Lots of Jewel. Van Halen. Lily Allen. Tony Bennet. Weezer. Prince. Yanni. Damien Rice. Temper Trap. Tom Petty, U2, Dido. Lots of Dido. Aretha Franlkin. Postal Service. Billy Idol. Queen. B-52’s. Muppets doing Queen. Yusuf Islam. Mozart. Beethoven. George Winston. Jonathan Elias. Beatles. Pearl Jam. Beth Hart. Just to name a few lol.

    Who can forget Fisher Price nursery rhymes?

    Music & Photography are my favorite kinds of art.

  3. almostclever

    Lupe Fiasco’s new song “Words I never Said” political hip hop, just the way I like it.

    The old Roots album “Game Theory”, always the Roots are in my earphones. Again, political hip hop

    My girl Yuna, “These Streets”

  4. Michael

    Now we’re talking. I had to stay out of the drama from the last post; I’ll leave that to my lovely wife 🙂 Not that I didn’t enjoy it (and music can’t possibly be the basis for a similar discussion like that, can it?).
    I love music. My whole life has a soundtrack, from my first memories through to now. Music is one of those things that connects me to my soul.

    So what’s on my Ipod. A lot of music from the greatest period of rock n roll-68 to 72 (ok, that could start an argument): Stones, Allman Bros., Beatles, Grateful Dead, Pink Floyd, Zep. After that–Marvin Gaye/Tammi Terrel, Frank Sinatra, Chuck Berry, Jackson 5, Foo Fighters, old Ozzy, Beethoven, Johnny Cash w/June Carter, Commodores, some Dixie Chicks, Al Green, Doors, David Bowie, Sara McLaughlin (2 songs only!), Temple of the Dog, James Brown. Oh, and the English Beat! Some other stuff.

    • “and music can’t possibly be the basis for a similar discussion like that, can it?”
      Oh, lord, Michael if you only knew how controversial music is among more conservative, Salafi-type Muslims…not that this post is going there, but just saying. Google Islam and music and you’ll see.

      Anyway–love the Dead (box of rain is my fav). I cried when Jerry Garcia died. Partly because i never got to go to a show, but used to hang out with alot of Deadheads. Pink Floyd, Johnny Cash, Beatles. How ’bout some Hendrix? Love the Bob’s too (Dylan and Marley).

      • Michael

        Holy cow, I left out Hendrix, and I’m not talking purple haze stuff. Our youngest son’s middle name is Hendrix for that reason (and my wife’s idea!) Yeah, Marley and Dylan, sure. Hard to remember everyone. And, yeah, I guess sadly music can start arguments, fights, be the scapegoat and whatever else. But it’s the people, not the music.

  5. Midnightmama

    Yes. every road trip, vacation and major life experience has a soundtrack. Steph- I was talking about Yuna lol, ive never heard it before.

    Re: Tony Bennett, I was driving home from Montauk solo one night, just pondering how diverse and awesome NY is, and a duet with Tony and Billy Joel cam on (ny state of mind) and it made the hairs on the back of neck stand up. So I got the CD……

    Good stuff.

    I think the soundtrack to My Best Friends Wedding features DiFranco. Love it.

  6. almostclever

    The Black Keys!

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