First Snow

Yesterday it started to snow for the first time all year. I remember as a kid it seemed that snow was a much more common occurence. And there was more of it. Often times it would come to my waist as I plowed through it, bundled warmly in layers of clothing. Granted I was shorter then, but these days it only seems to drop, at a maximum, a few inches. But I’ll take it.

 Overnight as I worked, carefully tending to the sick and dying, I kept my own silent vigil on the windows, watching  huge frozen flakes form halos around the glowing flourescent lights of the parking lot. There’s something soothing about the still of air after it snows. Everything is padded and sound is stifled. 



Here’s a little haiku for you all…


First snow falls softly

covering faded imprints

 of  footsteps long past





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5 responses to “First Snow

  1. I have always loved your photos. You should be a professional photographer. No kidding. You have a really good eye for it.

  2. unsettledsoul

    Some of my favorite moments are when I am entirely alone, walking through pristine snowfall. It makes me feel like the entire world is brand new.

  3. I love, love, LOVE snow! But that might be because where I live, we don’t get it so much! This is the first time, though, that my university has had to be closed due to snow! Two days in a row so far 😉

  4. Signý

    Great pictures… all I have to say to you now is don’t stop using the brain you were born with, and don’t close your eyes, and don’t let yourself get lost in emotion or sentiment if doing so makes you unhappy or leaves your intellect inherently uneasy. It’s not easy but who said it was supposed to be? These posts you’re writing sound like the ones I was writing four years ago, and you know what – I’m happier today than I was ever before, and my curiosity to understand people and the world around me is no longer hampered. I will seek knowledge unto the grave.

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